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In this unique expression of 13 years of friendship and collaboration, master musician, actor, artist, and storyteller Robert Mirabal, an elder of the Taos Pueblo, teams with the New York-based string quartet ETHEL. They come together gratefully to reimagine the concert experience. Their art is a vigorous blend of joy, compassion, and vital virtuosity. Building on their previous programs Music of the Sun, The River, and Song for Taos, and more specifically addressing the challenges of the post-pandemic world, they offer a ceremony full of original music, movement, and wisdom.

ETHEL and Mirabal refer to the timeless magnificence of Taos, then explode it with a kaleidoscope of sounds that transcend geographical and temporal boundaries. Each member contributes a unique voice, and together they weave a gorgeous tapestry of sound with “colors” from Native America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. At the pinnacle of today’s program is Red Willow Suite, a breathtaking, ambitious piece of music and storytelling.