Extraordinarily skilled, passionate musicians

− The New York Times

...avatar of ‘post-classical’ music—the virtuosic alternative string quartet...vital and brilliant

− The New Yorker

ETHEL are an infectiously visceral quartet...their playing tends to be lusty, committed, charged with messy exuberance

− Pitchfork

Few musicians demonstrate the rapidly blurring lines between genres as comprehensively as string quartet ETHEL does

− Time Out New York

The all-encompassing foursome…enriches each style it touches, teasing out common threads between its classical formation and outlying impulses

− Time Out New York


ETHEL is the string quartet of now. Building connection and community through innovative collaborations, robust commissioning, groundbreaking touring programs, mind-bending multi-media production, and inspired recordings, ETHEL is re-contextualizing and redefining concert music.




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ETHEL & ETHEL’s Foundation for the Arts
132 East 43rd Street #213 New York NY 10017
+1 212 414 8050