ETHEL and Friends is a music series specifically designed for the Museum’s Balcony Bar. ETHEL is one of the most acclaimed string quartets in the contemporary classical field. With an eye on tradition and an ear to the future, ETHEL is a leading force in concert music’s re-engagement with musical vernaculars, fusing diverse traditions into a vibrant sound. Expect familiar classical tunes mixed with a fair share of the group’s signature, cutting-edge repertoire. Guest artists and collaborators will also make periodic appearances. Relax and enjoy cocktails and appetizers while looking out over the majestic Great Hall.

All performances are from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM.


November 2 – 3
Dorothy & Yelena
Dorothy Lawson, cello*
Yelena Grinberg, piano
Works by Bach, Beethoven, Faure

November 9 – 10
Emily Manzo, piano
Works by Cage, Ligeti, Debussy, Mary Halvorson, Matthew Welch, Chris Parrello

November 16 – 17
JP Jofre’s Hard Tango Chamber Band
JP Jofre, bandoneon
Eric Silberger, violin
Pablo Estigarribia, piano
Works by JP Jofre, Bach, Federico, Piazzolla, Estigarribia

November 23 – 24
Raja Rahman, piano
Works by Beethoven, Bach, Debussy, Schubert

November 30 – December 1
Reed Baskets
Andy Biskin, clarinet
Peter Hess, clarinet
Mike McGinnis, clarinet
Sam Sadigursky, clarinet
Works by John Lennon, Frederick Loewe, Jelly Roll Morton, Lou Reed, Horace Silver


December 7 – 8
The Secret Trio
Ara Dinkjian, oud
Ismail Lumanovski, clarinet
Tamer Pinarbasi, kanun
Performing Armenian & world chamber music

December 14 – 15
Ralph Farris, viola
Dorothy Lawson, cello
Corin Lee, violin
Kip Jones, violin
Works by Farris, Lawson, Lee, Jones, Zhao

December 21 – 22
Dr. Samuel Torjman Thomas, vocals, oud, nay, lotar, commentary
Laura Lassy Townsend, vocals
Jeremy Brown, violin
John Murchison, qanun, bass, guimbri
Jeremy Smith, percussion
Daniel Kurfirst, percussion
Delacroix’s Moroccan Nights: Judeo-Islamic Soundscapes from City to Village

December 28 – 29
JP Jofre’s Hard Tango Chamber Band
JP Jofre, bandoneon
Lucia Luque, violin
Pablo Cafici, piano
Music by JP Jofre, Troilo, Federico, Piazzolla

*denotes members of ETHEL